Photographers SEO Consultants India

Photographers SEO Consultants India

The photography industry is very competitive, and is becoming increasingly saturated with professionals all grappling for business.

In this day and age, the majority of people find the services and products they are looking for via the internet, often performing Google searches for relevant keywords. In fact, right now as you are reading this article, your potential clients are probably out there right now searching for keywords which involve photography services.

Photographers have fierce competition when it comes to landing projects and building their portfolio. Many photographers are utilizing SEO to get a better flow of leads and have a passive marketing process in place, allowing them to focus on landing the clients and doing shoots.

Understanding this need, we have helped some established photographers get a greater market share from organic search.

The question is how likely are they to find Photographers SEO consultants in India?

SEO for photographers means a lot of work on your images, and if Google doesn’t see that this has been done, it will affect your rankings significantly.

Each image on your page will be analyzed by Google robots for the following attributes:

  • Alt tags: This is a small description of the image which can be read out, generally used for the visually impaired, or when the image cannot be accessed for another reason. The optimum length for an alt tag is around 45 words. You don’t need to use keywords in these descriptions, but this may occur naturally in some instances.
  • Text near the image: Text which is placed near the image could act as a caption, and will also be analyzed by Google to be a positive factor when relevant.
  • Filename: If you have uploaded your photo, it is likely that the file name will be meaningless, for example, it could be ‘DC15792.jpg’. For optimization, change the file name to something more appropriate for the particular image. For example a short description, such as ‘cottage-with-scenery-background.jpg’.
  • Location: Images which are placed nearer the top of the page will be analyzed to be more important to Google.
  • Image dimensions: The size of your image will also be analyzed; larger images will be analyzed by Google to be more significant for SEO for photographers.
  • File size: Compressed images will have a faster loading time. You can compress file size in Photoshop to reduce the loading time. From the factors listed above, Google robots will be able to understand the image without looking at it and will decide on the quality of the image, either increasing or decreasing your rankings from there.
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Property insurance
Photographers SEO consultants in India are pros when it comes to SEO for photographers, optimizing website images and making them rank, so if you want to optimize your photography website, you have landed in the right place.

Our experienced Photographers SEO consultants in India team knows how to get your images ranking to increase your photography business’s online visibility.

SEO consultants in India will endeavor to work with you to ensure your ideas are translated into something unique and memorable. The Photographers SEO consultants in India offer a completely personal service with years of expertise in graphic and web design and are on hand for technical support if you ever get stuck.

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