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Having an online e-commerce store but lacking in its traffic and leads generation? Then e-commerce SEO services are all you need from India’s top e-commerce SEO consultants.

We implement the most advanced eCommerce SEO strategies that could help your website product pages and categories to get appear on top of the search results. Our SEO consultants are experienced and know the key areas to work for an online e-commerce store to boost up its rankings, traffic from the targeted audience and leads.

SEO Consultants in India create successful stores that return on your investment quickly and make your business more efficient. We are committed to establishing your online ambitions. Our team will help plan, develop and execute long-term strategies to maximize your online presence and drive revenue.

Our e-commerce SEO consultants in India will advice on your business as a whole by evaluating your existing offering – both online and offline. Our team wants to help drive your business forward and deliver the results you want to see.

Our core values are “Progressive” – we’re constantly looking for new innovations, opportunities and the latest e-commerce tech to provide our clients with the perfect online proposition to improve their stores.

As your e-commerce SEO consultants in India we’ll push you and your business for regular improvement and aim to provide you with the best possible strategic advice, recommending only the most effective and relevant e-commerce solutions to deliver your businesses objectives.

Selling products online can be a lucrative business. Whether yours is a long established ecommerce brand or a company just starting out in online sales, ecommerce SEO gives you the opportunity to make more sales and more money.

One of the great things with e-commerce, is that everything is quantifiable. What percentages of visitors are searching and which product. Is there any conversion possible? Which pages of the website have the highest exit rate and why? Does your mobile experience provide the best possible user experience? What’s the customer life time value? What is your current marketing ROI as a percentage of sales? We will focus on the above analysis when we create your highly optimized e-commerce ongoing marketing strategy.

Our e-commerce SEO consultants will develop an understanding of your customers and their tendency to purchase by conducting an analytics research, session replay recordings, benchmarking, website usability testing, multi-user experience testing, and mystery shops testing to check the conversion rate optimization and customer lifecycle review. This then allows us to produce an effective phased approach and understand how best to deploy the resources and skills required.

By Investing In Ecommerce SEO Consultants In India, You Can Expect:

  • Improved product rankings in the search results
  • Enhanced search listings for your products
  • More traffic to your website
  • More sales from your online store


We’ll review your website from a technical perspective and fix any technical issues so that your site can be found, indexed and ranked appropriately.


Your online e-store should be easy to navigate and look professional. Security certificates and known payment gateways assure to develop trust among visitors that their money’s safe when buying from your site.


We’ll review and check which keywords are targeted in your product pages. Our e-commerce SEO consultants would then take action to improve search rankings and drive conversions. We’ll look at your use of tools such as schema markup and data highlighting to improve the way your products are understood and represented by the search engines.


Category pages can improve the user experience on your website by grouping products into themes which make them easier to browse. Much like themed aisles in a physical store, categories are used to lead customers to the products they want to buy.


Your existing traffic shouldn’t be ignored when primarily focused on driving new traffic to your website and this is especially applicable for ecommerce websites when repeat sales and upselling can add a great deal to your bottom line. We’ll assess the sales funnel online to identify the points where people drop off or where there is opportunity to sell more. We can also run split tests on areas of your site using Google experiments to find the best solution for your customers.

We specialize in helping ecommerce businesses through strategies that tangibly affect your bottom line. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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